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Traveling solo as a woman is an act of independence and courage. It says, I can be here, despite what you may think. I am free to go where I want to go and experience more of this life than you may believe I should. It’s not for the faint-hearted. It’s for the Joan of Arcs, the warrior goddesses, the Valkryies.
— Amy Gigi Alexander

Short Bio for Bylines

World traveler Amy Gigi Alexander writes tales of place interwoven with memoir and social commentary, fiction, and personal essays. Her work has been published in numerous literary magazines as well as National Geographic India, BBC Travel, World Hum, Lonely Planet, and others. Her award-winning travel essays have been translated and published internationally, and she is in several anthologies.

                      Image of Amy Gigi Alexander/ ©PatrickStull2015   

                    Image of Amy Gigi Alexander/ ©PatrickStull2015

Her work focuses on being an empowered woman, taking both intimate and epic journeys, and finding the good in the world. Her website is

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Representation and Publicity Inquiries

She is represented by Amy Cloughley of Kimberly Cameron & Associates, an American literary agency.

Publicity and other inquiries are made through her website. She gives interviews about the following topics: travel, women’s empowerment, travel writing, and memoir.

Select shorter works will be translated into French in latter half of 2015, and are handled by Ulyces.

Official Bio

Amy "Gigi" Alexander ( née Frank, born in 1968) is an American self-taught literary travel writer, who also writes memoir and fiction. "Gigi" is a nickname, and she chose the name Alexander after Alexander the Great in 2013 when she began publishing her writing.

She began traveling the world in her thirties, motivated by a desire to change her life, overcome obstacles, help others, and hear the stories of everyday people. Along the way, she discovered that she enjoyed travel writing. She started publishing her work in mid-life, after attending a travel writing conference, the Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference in 2013. Before attending the conference, she had never shared her writing and considered it a private hobby. At that conference she submitted the winning essay, El Clavo, which was published by Lonely Planet in An Innocent Abroad: Life Changing Trips From 35 Great Writers (2014). That same year, she also won a Gold prize in the annual Travelers' Tales Solas Awards for literary travel writing for her story, From Lost to Loved in Bihar. Then in March, she published a manifesto about travel, danger, and her personal experiences with rape, Why I Travel: My #Yes All Women, which went viral around the world. That same year, she shared her experiences of working with Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India, in the literary and political publication, Stir Journal.

In January of 2015, Travelers' Tales republished one of her stories originally published by BBC Travel, The Bloom of Cancer, a story about overcoming severe depression and illness by creating a bucket list and new life goals, for the anthology The Best Travel Writing Volume Ten: True Stories From Around the World. In the spring of 2015, she won the Grand prize, a Gold, and a Silver, for three different travel stories in the Solas Awards again, this time for: Oranges and Roses, a story about finding hope and letting go of grief in the African quarter of Paris; Star Woman, a story about finding a home for memories while visiting a Garifuna community in Honduras; and a story about meeting an entomologist who leads her to appreciate nature and unplanned adventure in Guatemala in Grasshopper. Star Woman was already published by Ripcord Adventure Journal in their first edition. [All three of the winning stories will be included in upcoming anthologies.]

She writes for literary journals, newspapers, and magazines, including National Geographic India, The Hindu, D' la Republica, World Hum, the BBC, Travelers' Tales, Ripcord Adventure Journal, The Nervous Breakdown, AlterNet, Mayday, and many more.

Highlights of Published Works / Creative Nonfiction and Travelogues

Why I Travel: My #Yes All Women (2014), first publication by World Hum

El Clavo (2014), Lonely Planet

Living and Working With The Missionaries of Charity (2014), Stir Journal

From Lost to Loved in Bihar (2014), Mayday Magazine /New American Press

The Bloom of Cancer (2014), BBC Travel

Star Woman (2015), Ripcord Adventure Journal

Oranges and Roses (2015), Best Travel Writing

Highlights of Published Works  / Fiction

Seraph (2014), The Nervous Breakdown

Published Books

An Innocent Abroad: Life Changing Trips From 35 Great Writers (2014), Lonely Planet: a collection of true travel stories about innocence lost and life-changing experiences.

The Best Travel Writing Volume Ten: True Stories From Around the World (2015), Travelers' Tales: an anthology of the best travel writing in the world.

Awards / Travel Writing Conferences

The Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference is the premier travel writing conference in the world.

Grand prize winner, Book Passage Travel Writing and Photography Conference, for El Clavo, 2013.

Awards / Solas Awards

The Solas Awards are a yearly international contest for travel writing in the best of the literary travel writing tradition.

Solas Gold for From Lost to Loved in Bihar, 2014.

Solas Grand Prize for Oranges and Roses, 2015.

Solas Gold for Star Woman, 2015.

Solas Silver for Grasshopper, 2015.

Books in Progress

Her current large scale book length project is her Conversations series on her website, which is a series of long form intimate interviews with writers from multiple genres around the world discussing their work and travel themes. The series of interviews and the book idea were inspired by one of her mentors, travel and adventure writer Tim Cahill, who she finally met in person in 2013. The resulting conversations they had over the course of a year inspired the series, and Cahill was the first author to be interviewed. She is currently seeking a publisher for the series.

Personal Life

She divides her time between the central California valley, France, and India. She works with the International Chandramauli Trust, an organization in India that serves needy school age children and preschoolers. She is the founder of the feminist literary and travel writing collective, Walking Writing Women, which is a group of several thousand women and men worldwide that support creating opportunities for diverse voices and encouraging women to travel and write.


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Travel Writing / Travel

Amy Gigi Alexander is the founder of the literary organization, Walking Writing Women, a feminist collective of women worldwide that works to encourage women to travel and to write about their experiences through classical travel narratives, poetry, memoir, and fiction. Her goals, along with co-founder, Jessie Voigts, are to craft free trips for women writers of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to different destinations, while creating small communities of support that are women-based, as well as educate the general public on the rich tradition of diverse women writing travel themed works. Both women work without compensation to craft journeys which can include everyone: WWW is a labor of love.

It is her long term goal to give women more opportunities to publish their work, especially travel writing which breaks the traditional definition. Walking Writing Women is working on its contribution to the publishing world: a online journal devoted to women's writing, called Borderless, which will launch in 2016. The theme of the journal is to create a writing world without borders that has an international flavor known for high quality storytelling by diverse voices.

She occasionally speaks to groups of women about the power of travel, particularly solo travel. Most recently, in March of 2015, she was a speaker at the Women's Travel Fest in San Francisco, along with Marybeth Bond, Felicity Aston, Patricia Schultz, and many others.

Charity and Meeting the Needs of Children

The International Chandramauli Trust is a non profit organization in Varanasi, India, which offers multi-level support for children from preschool age to teens. She works closely with this organization, supporting the structure and crafting programs to teach the school age children. She has a special interest in working with children with learning disabilities.

Empowerment of Women

She is involved in numerous projects to support the empowerment of women and girls and supports a pro-woman network and safe spaces for women to discuss what is important to them. She supports women being in sole control of their own narratives about all topics having to do with their bodies, from rape to reproductive health to cancer to women's education. She has written for Too Young to Wed about such issues, among other organizations around the world.

Most recently she has partnered with Patrick Stull, a internationally renowned photographer, to create a public and educational series about the empowerment of women. Links to the series are coming soon.

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